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Chocolate Frogs && Pumpkin Juice
In the Prefect's Bathroom
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3rd-Feb-2015 04:26 pm - So. Hungry. Now.
Marion Cotillard | There are angels
Things that suck:
1. Having your car registration, car insurance, house insurance and council fees due in the same month. Thanks, but no thanks.
2. Car insurance companies that make it impossible to cancel your quote. I'm looking at you Youi. I don't want another quote, I just want you to cancel my policy that I never asked for!!!
3. Finding out that you have a fructose intolerance that means saying goodbye to anything high in sugar. Bye bananas, honey, macarons, nectarines, other delicious foods.
4. Finding out you can't eat banana bread ever again.

I haven't had a banana in about a year and while I can't remember what they taste like anymore, that doesn't mean I don't stare longingly at Ken whenever he eats one. It's amazing how convenient and amazing bananas are; it's been difficult trying to find substitutes for breakfast and desserts. Unfortunately there's no substitute for banana bread :(

This is a whole wheat blueberry and banana bread that I've made a couple of times and eaten once. It's probably on the healthier side of banana breads, but tastes just as good. I'm sure Ken can verify that too, since the entire loaf disappears in under a week.

Marion Cotillard | There are angels
Last Saturday I turned 26; the wrong side of my 20s!! I can no longer tick the 20-25 age category when doing surveys. Woe.

I feel like every year I make turning older more torturous for myself. I mean, what's there to be afraid of? Getting older means being more comfortable with who you are, it means drinking more wine because one day it started tasting nice, it means becoming a more humble and understanding person because you realise everything is no longer about you, it means having legitamate experience in your field of work and having people value your business advise, it means getting a step closer to the maturity level required to become a parent. Not so bad, when you think about it.

For my 26th, Inka learnt how to take seflies and text.

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26th-Jan-2015 05:04 pm - Winnie
Darren Criss | Dapper pink sunglasses
Thanks to eBay, I found the matching suspender to my Winnie bra by Agent Provocateur.
I feel like these photos are pretty meh and don't do justice to this set at all. Red polkadots on navy mesh with gold hardware. Mmmm. This was actually the very first AP item that I bought, so it does pain me that I still haven't managed to find the matching bottoms.

23rd-Jan-2015 04:43 pm - No, I don't wear these to the shops.
Zoeey | Umbrella jump
I'm dying.
Ken and I went to a wedding last weekend and given that Ken was on the bridal party and we were at a winery, well, let's just say there was a lot of wine. One week on and I'm still recovering. Nothing like a good cold to celebrate your birthday with!

On the upside, I finally bought myself a second pair of 2XU compression tights. Way back when I first started working out, I couldn't justify buying activewear because I figured I was probably going to quit this whole "fitness" thing in a month's time. I can only imagine the second-hand embarrassement felt by Ken, as he watched me in sleepwear, doing squats in the living room every day. We used to live really close to a 2XU store and every single weekend, as we walked past the store to brunch and back, I'd peer in and look at all the fit assistants in their compression clothing. Maybe I thought I wasn't worthy of compression tights? Either this or I didn't want to end up looking all those people you see doing their shopping in workout gear who clearly haven't worked out or intend to work out. I mean, why are you wearing activewear??

Long story short, Ken got sick of me peering into stores and bought me a pair of 2XU compression tights for Christmas 2013. I wore them to death that year, so I figured I might as well get another pair to alternate between workouts. I can't say that 2XUs are any better than other compression brands out there (because I haven't tried any other brands), but I do prefer them to normal tights. They don't ride up and I feel like they make my muscles feel like they're working. Also, having washed and worn my old pair for a year, there's no piling of the fabric, no peeling of the print and all the seams are still tight. Can't say there's any reason for me to change brands.

Now to stop myself from collecting all the colours..
21st-Jan-2015 05:38 pm - Heartbreaker Club
Bonnie Wright | My Ginny hair
Just some Lady Petrova shenanigans. I happen to run into some ladies I know and from there it went downhill for the boyfriends. Poor Ken had to sit and watch us play dressups for half an hour. Then he was forced to be the token boyfriend photographer.

Went into the store to check out the sales rack, but got distracted by all the new stock. Namely WND.LND's new collection. I've been on the hunt for a bomber jacket for a while now, but nothing has really spoken to me. Until I met this beauty! I love this jacket so much I wore it during New Years Ever and ever since (where weather permits). Ken has taken to simply referring to me as Heartbreaker whenever I'm wearing it.

I'm absolutely dying for the last drop of Petrova's Sixteen collection, which is due to happen some time this weekend and will include all the amazing printed fabrics. Looks like I'll be spending my birthday weekend at Petrova's!

I can't even begin to express how tightly I've budgeted for this. I've even passed up on the latest Agent Provocateur sale (and all boxing day sales!); go me! On the downside, I really didn't have the money for it anyway; car registration and insurance is due this month. Urgh, almost two grand down the drain. Who wants to buy my Mazda 2? Who needs a car when they have a boyfriend!!
18th-Jan-2015 05:57 pm(no subject)
Eddie Redmayne | I've gone to heaven
Bless, Eddie Redmayne winning the Golden Globe for Best Actor.
Can I just point out my Eddie Redmayne tag on this blog, aptly named: Eddie Redmayne My Sweetheart.
I feel like a mother who's watching their kids grow up. Nevermind he's about eight years older than me.
I also feel really inappropriate knowing was his naked ass looks like (you can know too, he liked to bare it in his earlier years aka. Tess D' and Pillars of the Earth).
16th-Jan-2015 06:00 pm - Goodbye 2014
Atonement | Optimism in my hair
As per tradition, this year's new year meme. I actually wrote half of this up last year but got really lazy.

Goodbye 2014Collapse )
31st-Dec-2014 12:09 am - Christmas 2014
Misc | Summer days
Things that I've been doing over my two week break from work (in which I actually end up doing work because project management never stops and I get to save my annual leave).

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Parks and Recreation | Treat Yo Self
How much of a surprise is it to everyone that I did hardly any shopping while I was in Hong Kong??
In fact, I spent more money in Changi Airport during our stopover than I did in Hong Kong. For some reason (blame it on the weak Australian dollar maybe?) everything I wanted to buy was around the same price as I'd seen in Australia. This, plus anything I did want to buy was still so obsenely expensive that I'd be eating two-minute noodles for months to prevent the bank from reposessing my house (otherwise those Charlotte Olympia flats would be mine!!).

Ken pointed out that all the things I bought completely and utterly represent the two things I am obsessed with: lingerie and bunnies.
See for yourself.

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16th-Dec-2014 05:21 pm - You cook to make ghosts.
N&S | Train station dream
On the flight over to Hong Kong (one made unbearably long by head-winds), I managed to finally watch The Hundred-Foot Journey. I've been wanting to see this for some time because there's nothing I love more than a cooking movie or show. Strange as it is, I love watching about food, but despise cooking it. Back when I used to live with my parents and university holidays gave me a never-ending amount of time, I used to watch cooking show repeats on Foxtel. You name the cooking show, I've probably watched it (all seasons, multiple times). It's probably the only thing I miss about no longer having pay tv.

The Hundred-Foot journey is one hundred percent cliched and predictable in a feel-good kind of way. It's quietly hilarious and so incredibly charming. I won't lie, it made me compelled to perfect the five sauces of french cooking.

These screen captures were stolen from all over the internet, but mostly from MiriSprouts. I wish someone had screen captured the entire movie or that I had the time and patience to do it myself, because what I really wanted to post here were all the food scenes.

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