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Chocolate Frogs && Pumpkin Juice
In the Prefect's Bathroom
5th-Nov-2015 02:28 pm
Marilyn Monroe
Nothing like not posting anything for six months to make you realise that you've moved on from this old place.
Just life happening, you know.

I work in what will be one of the most iconic places in Australia. I pinch myself everyday because I actually have the best job in the world. Peaking at 26, not good news at all!
The other day I was paid to take part in an indigineous awareness course by Shelly Reys. It was one of the best experiences of my life and it's absolutely shocking that having being educated in Australia, I knew so little about the Aboriginal People before that day. But the best part was that this sort of training and cultural awareness is endorsed by my workplace's top management; not to meet guidelines or legislations, but because they believe in the social responsibilities of the current generation to stand up for and assist the original custodians of the land.

Just one example of the amazing people and team that I get to work with every day.
(But also the view doesn't hurt either)

My workplace is unique in that it is photographed and visited by thousands of people every day. Unfortuantely this also means that I've got to be careful with what I share and make public.
My face appears in a lot of strange places and I never know when I'll be recognised.
So because of this I can't share, on any public platform, many of the amazing experiences I'm having in Sydney. This doesn't mean you can't call me, email me or message me if you'd like to catch up!

I can say that I'm absolutely loving Sydney. I don't understand this whole Sydney vs. Melbourne thing; both are amazing cities.
But where else in the world does Friday after work drinks more often than not involve the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Ken doesn't want to admit it, but I think he's enjoying Sydney more than he's letting up. Every other weekend we find ourselves near the water, usually on a private spot of beach or rock. And that's one thing that Sydney does so much better than Melbourne; the fact that every where you go there's water.

One thing that I'm not enjoying is renting.
I looked up house prices on Domain the other day and ending up in a hysterical fit of laughter; 2.8 million HAHAHAH NEVER HAPPENING.
27th-Jan-2016 07:24 am (UTC) - yay
ohh so awesome a post! haha your face appearing in diff places :P

- saNdra-
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