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Chocolate Frogs && Pumpkin Juice
In the Prefect's Bathroom
12th-Mar-2015 07:24 pm
N&S | Thornton the GQMF
Having to put all your junk into boxes and then pay someone to move them to another city really makes you reassess how much stuff you really need.
Despite having moved out of home three years ago, I never got around to actually properly sorting through my shit and selling/donating/throwing things out. It's like a huge backlog of weird paraphernalia, with every item holding some sort of sentimental value. No doubt there is some stuff that will stay in my parent's house, but I am determined to clear out a lot of things. I have this mentally that my future daughter will want all my clothes, and tend to hoard everything in storage. BUT REALLY, NO ONE IS GOING TO WANT TO WEAR THAT OLD TOP FROM DANGERFIELD, GET RID OF IT!!!

I'll admit though, selling things on eBay has become extremely thrilling. Why didn't I start doing this earlier?? Imagine all the new clothes I can buy with the spare change! I wonder if I can sell Ken's things too!! (Apparently I'm not allowed to, already asked).

I feel like the shedding of things is another part of becoming an adult. The older you get, the less you want to care about things and the more you value quality over quantity. I have become obsessed with fine-tuning my makeup collection to include only amazing products. This means I'm basically on the constant hunt for all-in-one palettes that can paint my entire face. They're not only great for travelling, but also great for when I wake up late and have to do my makeup while Ken drives me to the train station.

These two BH Costmetics palettes have me sorted for the next decade. I never again have to purchase eye shadow. I'll admit, I like their products so much I also have one of their bronzing palettes (so I never again have to purchase bronzer).

The That's Heart palette is my daily go-to. For days when I have a dinner date after work, I chuck this in my bag. I also brought it along with me when I spent an entire day helping out at a wedding and needed to take my makeout from day to night. The browns make a perfect smoky eye, but the best thing about this palette are the bronzer, highlighter and blush combo.

The Galaxy Chic palette is honestly the prettiest makeup I have ever owned. Each pan/colour is named after something interstellar-related and ahhh, so amazing! I spend more time staring at this than actually using it, but at least I'm covered for any concert/Lady Petrova function I will ever attend.

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