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Chocolate Frogs && Pumpkin Juice
In the Prefect's Bathroom
Nothing like great clothes to make you want to workout 
9th-Mar-2015 01:37 pm
Glee | Kurt | Too fierce
I love this workout outfit so much. Over the past year and a half, I've accumulated a drawer-full of active wear and sometimes well-loved pieces are lost at the bottom and forgotten. Occasionally this happens to this set, but every time I come across the flash of green and realise both the top and the shorts have been washed and are ready to wear, I get super excited.

Whenever I wear this set, I'm always telling Ken about how awesome I look. If I'm ever forced to go to a gym, you can bet I'll be wearing this.
I've been trawling through eBay for the matching top, jacket and tights because you can never have enough matching items. This print also comes in red and blue..so much potential.
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