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Chocolate Frogs && Pumpkin Juice
In the Prefect's Bathroom
To M. Gustave 
6th-Mar-2015 04:51 pm
Darjeeling Limited | Travel Bug
With an impeding relocation and a never-ending list of things to do, naturally I feel compelled to do two things:
1. Take naps
2. Collect screen captures of all my favourite movies.

I finally got around to seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel a month ago, and boy was it spectacular. It shouldn't have taken me this long to see, granted my love for Wes Anderson anything, but it took a while to convince Ken to download it for me. I guess seeing Woody Allen films with me has scarred him or all remotely artsy films.

The Grand Budapest stars a stella cast. Wes Anderson regulars, Adrien Brody, Bill Muarry, Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman and others all make cameos with the addition of Ralph Fiennes who absolutely steals the show. The visuals are absolutely stunning. Many shots are saturated in colour and, as per Anderson style, thoughtfully framed. It's like this film was screaming to be screen captured.

The story itself is hilarious, witty and charming, but also utterly moving and depressing. Fiennes plays an upbeat character with a positive attitude, but as the story ends, and we see the effects that war has on a region and it's people, it is saddening to realise that the impacts of war last long after the last gun has been fired.

This is a great movie; a feast for the eyes and the mind. I'd rank it up there with The Darjeeling Limited, but find it less enjoyable of a movie simply because of the depressing, but realistic ending.

Thank you so much to Kiss the M Goodbye for all these caps
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