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So I hear (from my mum) that Germany won the World Cup.
Can I just say, I picked this team four years ago? From what I gathered of the two minutes of the World Cup I actually watched, it was pretty much the same team. And by "World Cup," I mean the end of the match where all the players take their shirts off and walk around half naked. It reminded me of the reason I chose to support Germany four years ago..
13th-Jul-2010 04:56 am - If I hear one more nazi comment..
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Now that the World Cup has finished, I think it's safe for me to let everyone know that I was really rooting for Germany all along. I was oddly rather compassionate about my team this year and if there wasn't the possibility of getting spat in the face, what with Australia losing to Germany 0-4, I really would have spammed this blog with all sorts of useless photos and rantings. Oh yes, shame on me, not supporting my country. I do love Australia, I just don't love our soccer team.

I can't quite remember the specifics behind my reasoning for choosing Germany. I think I was rather pissy on the night of the Germany-Australia match and told my boyfriend (because I was under the presumption that he was choosing a soccer match over me, and did I mention I was extra pissy that night?) that I hoped the match would be awful and that Germany would win. It's family tradition for everyone to back a team, and when I finally found time to take a look at the teams, after exams and what not, the stubborn part of me took that little rant to my boyfriend as a declaration of support. So yes, Germany.

Let's be honest, I don't actually know anything about soccer nor do I usually enjoy watching soccer. But, seriously, Germany was the best team to support. I spent more time yelling German names in German accents than actually paying any attention to the games. YAHHH GO MEWWLAHH (Mueller), OOOHHHZEELLL (Ozil), KLOHHHSERRR (Klose), LAMBBBB (Lahm), MEATSACKER (Mertesacker), STREINDHEIZERRRRR (Schweinsteiger).

My family officially thinks I'm out of my mind.

They're a young team so I hope my favourite names are back at the next World Cup. I'm going to miss yelling and dancing infront of the television.

21st-Jan-2009 11:05 pm - This is how we'll dance when..
Marion Cotillard | There are angels
My dad recently received complimentary tickets to the Australian Open and so today my mum, brother and I went! I've been to the tennis before, however I'd never been to Rod Laver Arena (the main arena) let alone sat in the corporate section, so it was quite an experience! We were about five rows from the front and were kept in the shade for the entire day, which made me feel quite sorry for all the non-corporate people who looked rather hot in the sun.

Rod Laver Arena proved to be so much more exciting than all the previous times I've been to the tennis. We managed to watch Ana Ivanovic (who looked really dashing in her purple Adidas dress), Novak Djokovic swoon swoon swoon and Roger Federer. I was especially thrilled at seeing the latter play, as I still continue to believe that he plays with a certain grace that I don't see in other players. Ivanovic's backhand down-the-court top spin completely reminded me of my own; hello Signature Move. Small things like this always make me want to pick up tennis again, however this happens every year, when the Australian Open comes around, and so I will swallow temptation and accept that my tennis days are over.

The highlight of my day, however, was not really tennis related. It was PIE related; oh, how I love pie. A man sitting in front of us was descending the stairs to reach his seat, and along the way he dropped his pie. It landed flat on it's top and made an odd, yet satisfying, sort of sound. He didn't look very disappointed that he dropped his pie without even taking one bite out of it, but I feel incredibly sorry for him because pie is very very good. I felt compelled to tell someone so I missed a couple of Federer's games because I was too busy saying, "That guy dropped his pie," to my brother, despite the fact that he too saw the pie fall. But SIRIUSly, his pie fell on the ground.
Marion Cotillard | There are angels

Yesterday, Boxing Day, was spent not shopping for the amazing bargains such as 70% of Sachi shoes (yes, 70% off *dies*) but instead was spent with Kristin at the one of the most famous grounds watching one of the most anticipated series on the most awaited and to-die-for day. Also know as the BOXING DAY TEST which was also part of the Ashes.

I've never been to another cricket match before (well I don't think Junction Oval really counts...even if I did see the world XI) so I find myself very very very lucky to be able to go on Boxing day. And I think I'm eternally grateful to Kristin for getting such awesome seats, so grateful that I apparently owe her an English lad.

Some highlights of our awesome day:

Survival Instinct:
Kristin and I didn't realise our train was leaving until the doors started beeping indicating that OMG WE'RE CLOSING RUN IF YOU WANT TO MAKE IT. And run we did. Actually I ran and pushed Kristin out of the way. Don't take it personally, it was pure instinct...

Illegal Dealings:
Because our dear cricket friend, Alvin, happens to be holidaying in Japan and thus not available to attend the BIGGEST CRICKET TEST OF THE YEAR, Kristin was left with an extra ticket. When all efforts to drag someone else along with us failed, we decided it would be best to sell it on the day to some lucky random. But does anyone have any idea how incredibly hard it is to sell a ticket. We must have looked like two lost, vulnerable girls standing in the rain solemnly while occasionally pleading to random passerbys 'Do you have a ticket?' In the end we gave up because we suck at underage illegal reselling of tickets we were starting to attract the wrong crowd aka some shifty guy in glasses coming up to me and whispering, "Hey girls. Looking to buy a ticket?" Ok, so it was an english accent that said that, but it's still just as creepy.

Boys in White:
I really do love cricket. My love for it is completely renewed. And so is my love for a certain young cricketer, Michael Clarke. I was very glad I was with Kristin as she's the only one that can understand my obsession for him and not feel the need to hit me everytime I said, "I love you Clarkie." Seeing Brett Lee again was also quite awesome. He was such a gentleman when, while chasing down a ball, he jumped over a bird that was in the way. But that's just how he is *sigh.*

Barmy vs Boony:
I lovelovelove everything about being at the cricket rather than watching it on tv. I loved:
- clapping along with the whistleblower and the bowler's runup.
- cheering for the trumpet player and when the crowd succeeded in keeping the beachballs away from the police.
- sitting infront of a stereotypical family which consisted of a father yelling insults (eg. COLLINGWOOD, YOU HAVE A BAT, USE IT), a son who clapped all day really loudly and another son who continued to chant WARRNEYYYYYYY all day which wasn't really that entertaining after four hours. But I must say, the grimace on Kristin's face was.
- sitting opposite a row of people wearing watermelons
- watching a boy draw all over his brother's face with paint, oh if only he knew how stupid he looked.
- the Mexican wave which lasted three rounds. I could do it all day, really I could.
- cheering with all the aussie supporters especially when Shane Warne got his 700th wicket. Oh the exhilaration.

Overpriced Food:
Kristin and I trying to drink hot chocolate which we couldn't hold or drink because it was too hot. However in an attempt to do both some ended up on Kristin's white tshirt. What fools we were when we saw a seven year old drinking and holding his hot chocolate.
However overpriced food also led us to meet a certain English guy who was so drop dead gorgeous amazingly to die for hot looked quite like Kristin's favourite cricketer, Simon Jones. Further along the day it was he who made me demand Kristin to "GET YOUR BAG NOW" to see him again...and it was he who made Kristin punch me so I would stand up and see him again.

Brett the gentleman, as always.

Yay for watermelon heads.

Blurry images of a certain English lad. We suck at taking photos in stressful situations.

I've realised many things.
I'm a sucker for english accents.
I'm a sucker for english guys. I still happen to love someone the most.
My doubts about wanting to study in England are completely gone.
I really am a Michael Clarke fangirl.
I love cricket.

And that was an awesome fay. Yes, quite awesome.

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