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Chocolate Frogs && Pumpkin Juice
In the Prefect's Bathroom
We all like lists. 
23rd-Feb-2015 05:31 pm
AtLA | Zuko says no
1. I thought looking for a house was time-consuming. Well looking for a place to live in another city is about ten times more arduous. Nope, this is not something I would like to be doing.

2. Does anyone want to rent my house so that I don't have to go through the other torturous task of finding a real estate agent, getting photos done and then hoping someone will lease my house and not completely devalue it (and my new blinds).

3. Why is moving so expensive? $2500 bonds, $3000 for removalists. I mean, yeh, I totally have that amount of cash just lying around.

4. In other news, I had a two hour nap in Ken's car the other day. Sometimes I work tradie hours and am forced to meet contractors on site at 7AM. Let's all comprehend that for a minute; at seven in the morning, I am supposed to be dressed and awake enough to talk to people. It takes me 40 minutes to get to the city and 30 minutes to get ready. That essentially means I have to get up BEFORE 6AM. No surprises that I am not a happy camper when I turn up to site at seven in the morning to discover that I've been stood up. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?? GO HOME??

So instead I asked Ken for the keys to the car (a perk of having a partner who also works tradie hours in the city) and fell asleep for two hours while listening to people drive up and down the car park. It was the weirdest nap I've ever had and there were some weird dreams had. When I woke up to the sound of Ken tapping on the window, I thought someone was trying to rape me. I feel for the homeless who have to live out of their cars.

5. My mum and I have been watching hours and hours of the Great British Bake Off. It's like every time I'm over for dinner, the show will be on and I'll get a massive craving to bury my face in chocolate. Instead I went online and bought enough Pana Chocolate to last me a year.

23rd-Feb-2015 07:39 am (UTC)
Love Great British Bakeoff! There's just something about the Brits that is so likeable and down to earth! Haha totally crave cake every time I watch it though...
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